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Natural Greens organic programs utilize Organic Fertilizers based on organic nutrients, minerals, amino acids, bacteria, and microorganisms. Most other companies use organic fertilizers composed mainly of biosolids(Milogranite) or Urea (animal waste). These alternative organic fertilizers are more affordable however they may have various contaminants including heavy metals and are far less effective in organic programs. Those fertilizers are called organic but do not live up to Natural Greens Organic standards. Natural Greens Organic programs are completely personalized after a soil sample and lawn analysis. We offer over twenty organic fertilizers and ammedments, including sought after applications like compost tea, microbial addition, organic pest and weed control, and organic fungus control. Our time tested organic programs deliver beautiful organic lawns that are the envy of the neighborhood. Natural Greens Organic programs yield stronger roots, more positive organism/insect life, less thatch, less disease, less weeds and of course are completely safe.

Natural Green also designs and builds beautiful outdoor environments including landscape walls, patios, and gardens all with the environment in mind We also offer landscape bed design, installation and maintenance as well as numerous other services. Contact us today to see if we have the solution to your landscape and/or lawn dilemma.