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The main reason for the use of Organic fertilizers is for our health, however its positive results are far more reaching than just that. Obviously Organic fertilizer is safe for kids, pets, the environment, and the water table. They are free of toxic chemicals and pesticides that can be harmful to family and pets or leach into our ground water. Along with this Organically fertilized lawns will require less water and less frequent mowing. Organically grown lawns are more resistant to disease and insect damage, as well as choking out invasive weeds like dandelions and crabgrass. Organic maintenance is financially beneficial over time because it makes lawns more independent by feeding and improving soil rather than feeding plants directly as with synthetic(standard) fertilizer. Synthetic(standard) fertilization merely feeds grass and plants and does nothing to improve soil or biological health and if pesticide and herbicides are introduced they actually disrupt or destroy beneficial biological life in the soil as well as negatively change soil structure.

Organic programs yield nutrient rich soil, encouraging proper ecology and optimum bio-availability. It also holistically feeds soil, developing a resistant soil with a strong eco-food web full of beneficial microorganisms and bacteria. These bacteria and microorganisms protect and heal plants and soil as well as breaking down what could be harmful materials in soil and converts them to beneficial nutrients. With Organic fertilization you are growing grass how it wants to be grown and has successfully grown for approximately 4 million years. Organic fertilization will not leach from soil and wont burn lawns. Organic fertilization leads to deeper healthier roots and more resistance to insect damage as well as the burn-out that comes with the erratic summers we have in St. Louis. Properly applied Organic fertilizer will lead to a lush, healthy, thick lawn with less weeds and bare spots. Organic fertilization is not the answer to all our environmetal problems but is a great step in the right direction, and every step gets us closer.